Norel (left) with younger sister Devora (right) pictured with father, Eli at their family rug shop back in 1995.

Pull&Thread was inspired by our dear father and rug aficionado, Mr. Eli Ebriani, of blessed memory.

I never really understood why my father was so passionate about the unspoken language of rugs as an art, until I started working at the showroom myself.

There is a rich history that is embedded in every thread through the warp & weft.

The difference that a rug makes in any space is not just noticeable.

It’s transformative and binding.

Not only are the threads bound together tightly.

That’s the effect it also has on friends and family—it brings people together.

Pull&Thread is our idea, Norel And Devora.

We are sisters born into the rug heritage and have been enamored by them ever since.

Every piece you see in our online store and at our showroom in Torrance, CA




Enjoy this fine traditional Persian melody!